But That Would Make Sense #1: Common Courtesy

Oh snap! We got a change up!To be completely fair, this wasn't the change I had in mind. I actually had a video log planned for this week but, due to unforseen circumstances (which is probably operator error but that's neither here nor there), I was unable to get it edited and loaded when I … Continue reading But That Would Make Sense #1: Common Courtesy

Random Thoughts #10: Self

Hello there world.Anything exciting happen in the last few days? I hadn't heard anything. Oh the Super Bowl? Yeah, that day just didn't happen or something. Must've slept right through it. Ahh well, no worries. Moving right along (that denial runs quick, doesn't it? Congrats to the Bucs. Ya'll kicked our ass). In all seriousness, … Continue reading Random Thoughts #10: Self

Random Thoughts #7: State Of The Union

My fellow Americans. I come to you with my State of the Union rant. I struggled a lot with how I was going to do this so bear with me as I try to keep my thoughts together. My goal here is to help us support and foster a more perfect Union. Over these last … Continue reading Random Thoughts #7: State Of The Union

Random Thoughts #6: The Return

Well... this is awkward... Lirerally four years after I opened this blog, made a couple posts, then gave up on the project becuase of fear of failure (which ended up happening anyway due to self destructive tendencies, but that's for another blog), we're back again! How's everyone been? Anything new and exciting happen in that … Continue reading Random Thoughts #6: The Return